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North America has its own native bamboos, the canes, which formerly carpeted many river floodplains in the eastern United States in thick “canebrakes.” Canebrakes were important habitat for the striking Carolina parakeet, once widespread east of the Rockies but extirpated in the early 20th century. “Canebrake rattlesnake” is the common name in the American South for the timber rattler, referencing this venomous serpent’s predilection for the bottomland ecosystem.

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LIFE MAGAZINE July 10, 1944

National Geographic Magazine, May 1986 (Vol. 169, No. 5)

Dissecting the forest into scattered fragments has other dangers too. Biologists think of these fragments as islands, surrounded by a "sea" of pasture or plantations. The analogy has proved useful in predicting what happens to such islands after they become cut off from other forests. Islands are invariably poor in species compared with the "mainland", although the exact reason for this is still debated , cited: Time is Short and The Water Rises In this way. the recycling of water from east to west across the. Amazon Basin plays an impoitanl part in keeping the. The westerly regions are thousands of kilometres from the. Atlantic Ocean, and rely on water "passed on" through the forest-atmosphere .system The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest download epub. Decomposers in forests help to maintain water and soil quality and promote nutrient cycling (Harris 2009) National Geographic Magazine, November 1974 Guatemala/Hebrides/Tuscany National Geographic Magazine, November. Let’s expand what we know about about insect diversity across rural and urban landscapes! BioB is part of an NSF-funded research program at Colby College, which will also provide students with insight into the practice of science Remnants of Green: Rain Forest read online Remnants of Green: Rain Forest Journey. Black mangroves develop pneumatophores which are roots that extend up into the air bringing in oxygen much like we use a snorkel. In white mangroves, lenticels in the lower trunk obtain oxygen for aerenchyma. Each type of mangrove has its own characteristics that help it to adapt to the environment it grows in. This includes characteristics to help provide fresh water and oxygen for plant growth A Woodland Survey Handbook (Research and Survey in Nature Conservation Series) To help with digestion, it has bacteria in its greatly enlarged oesophagus and crop. This is equivalent, for a bird, to the stomach fermentation of cows, which explains why the hoatzin (also known as the "stinkbird") smells like cow manure. Leaves stay in the hoatzin's stomach for almost 2 days, and the overloaded bird is in consequence a very poor flier. heath forest, where the infertility of the soil encourages the plants to conserve their leaves, and thus their nutrients, as much as possible Life Magazine, February 10, read for free

Bat Detective is an online citizen science project which allows visitors to the website to take part in wildlife conservation by listening out for bat calls in recordings collected all over the world The Rain Forest (First read here The Rain Forest (First Discovery Book). A good way to know if wood is rainforest-safe is if it has a "certification label." An example of a certification label is "FSC-certified" which means the wood comes from more responsibly managed forests. However bear in mind that no certification label is perfect, so do your research on the type of wood you are buying. Learn more about rainforests and the plants and animals that live in them The Olympic Rain Forest read online read online. While some may believe that species diversification is a good thing, anyone involved in forest ecology knows it must be the right kind of diversification. Invasive species of plants and animals may be able to decimate native populations, thus totally changing nearly all species found in the forest ecosystem in a matter of decades. While some may consider this a natural course of nature, others blame humans for the introduction of certain species One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest download epub.

The Tropical Rain Forest: An Ecological Study

Forest Measurements

Heart-Pine Russia: Walking and Writing the Nineteenth-Century Forest

Euraqua Third Technical Review, Koblenz, 15-18. Impact of climatic variations on water resources with special reference to droughts and floods , e.g. The Ancient Pinewoods of download here download here. In the Southern Hemisphere, Chile supports the largest remaining zone, which extends from approximately Arauco south into Magellanes province. New Zealand's South Island contains a significant area, and a large zone of broad-leaved temperate rain forest on the island of Tasmania has provided refuge for some of the most ancient elements of Australia's flora (Working Group for Rain Forest Conservation, 1987) Afforestation: Policies, download pdf The quick development and availability of molecular tools such as t-RFLP and next-generation sequencing to quantify microbial diversity [e.g. [ 105, 106 ]], together with the strong focus of the BEF approach on the functionality of ecosystems, has resulted in an increased interest in the role of microbial soil community diversity in driving processes such as organic matter decomposition and plant nutrient uptake World of the Rain Forest read online Greater White-lined Bat ______ Trinidad & Tobago; also Central and South America - lowland forest and forest edge Another name for Saccopteryx bilineata is White-lined Sac-winged Bat. Lesser White-lined Bat ______ Trinidad & Tobago; Margarita Island off Venezuela; also Central and South America Trinidad Doglike Bat ______ Grenada, Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago; also locally in South America Northern Ghost Bat ______ Trinidad; also Central America and northern South America - lowland and mid-elevation clearings, and built areas Greater Bulldog (or Fishing) Bat (ph) ______ DR(*) Greater and Lesser Antilles, the southern Bahamas, Trinidad; also Central and South America - lowland forests, lakes, river, and coasts Sooty Moustached Bat ______ DR(*) PR(*) Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico Common Moustached Bat (ph) ______ Cuba to Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago; also Central America and northern South America - lowlands and mid-elevation forests and clearings Lesser Moustached Bat ______ Trinidad; also Central America and South America Davy's Naked-backed Bat ______ southern Lesser Antilles; also Central America and northern South America Another name for Mormoops blainvillii is Blainville's Leaf-chinned Bat This is our Forest

Mimicking Nature's Fire: Restoring Fire-Prone Forests In The West

Life Magazine - November 23, 1936

Life Magazine 9/15/47 - September 15, 1947

Rain Forest (DK Eye Wonder)


White Mountain National Forest and Great North Woods (Images of America)

Forestopia: A Practical Guide to the New Forest Economy

Nature Next Door: Cities and Trees in the American Northeast (Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books)

Fire Season: Field Notes from a Wilderness Lookout

Cocoa Pioneer Fronts Since 1800: The Role of Smallholders, Planters and Merchants

European Forests: Ecosystem Conditions and Sustainable Use (Eea Report)

LIFE Magazine - September 30, 1940

Life Magazine, 21 February 1949

It has given me blessed release from care and worry and the troubled thinking of our modern day Deforestation of tropical rain forests: Economic causes and impact on development (Kieler studien) Deforestation of tropical rain forests:. Regions suitable for coastal temperate rain forests are limited to the West Highlands of Scotland, where an estimated 526,000 ha of original rain forest existed (from data provided by K. Kirby, Nature Conservancy Council, pers. comm.). Based on precipitation maps, the GIS-derived calculation placed the coastal temperate rain forest zone at 1,149,300 ha, but Kirby advised that only 60% of this area was forested, leading to an actual figure of 689,580 ha Life Magazine, May 16, 1955 Splash your way through this exhibit as you discover that only real lazy rivers are the ones you find at water parks. Rivers are nature's own flood controls and are filled with species of fish, herons, beavers and painted turtles. Interact with RiverWorks by reversing the flow of the river, turn the river into a lake, build your own dam and even control a water turbine , e.g. The National Geographic read here More recently, in Baltimore Gas & Elec. S. 87 (1983), the court found that NEPA "places upon the agency the obligation to consider every significant aspect" of environmental impact and that NEPA aims to make sure agencies would take a "hard look" at environmental consequences of their any action. Drought can have significant economic as well as ecological impact, and is a classic instance in which economic and ecological interests merge full force , e.g. LIFE Magazine - November 9, read for free Social Structure and Breeding: Harpy eagles mate for life. Large nests made of sticks and branches and lined with softer materials are built at least 90 feet from the ground in huge trees like the kapok tree, the Brazil nut tree, or the Cambara tree National Geographic Traveler July / August 2006 download epub. First, if trees are removed from forests, whether by natural or human means, more sunlight penetrates the darkness of the forest floor, which allows lianas to flourish. In addition, it appears that lianas can thrive in drier conditions, and when greater amounts of carbon dioxide are found in the atmosphere, two conditions now seen in some places in the Amazon Biodiversity, Biophysics and read pdf However, not all primate species are this flexible, and specialist feeders are particularly vulnerable. The proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus), which lives in riverine and mangrove forests in Borneo and feeds on only a few tree species, is very sensitive to any disturbance of its habitat pdf. Rainfall: rainforests receive at least 80 inches (200 cm) of rain per year. Canopy: rainforests have a canopy, which is the layer of branches and leaves formed by closely spaced rainforest trees some 30 meters (100 feet) off the ground , e.g. THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC download pdf Forest management and economic rents: Evidence from the charcoal trade in Madagascar. Energy for Sustainable Development 17, 106–115 pdf. URL: http://www.cleancookstoves. org/countries/africa/madagascar.html. Madagascar: Increase in price of the bag of charcoal. URL: , cited: Comparison of AVHRR read here Comparison of AVHRR classification and. An initial thought is that the urban agriculture initiated during the Special Period persists today through a combination of government support, community dedication, and energy efficiency , cited: The Last Lords of Palenque the download for free The Last Lords of Palenque the Lacandon.

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